Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Easter break. We are working away albeit it in a relaxing manner - watching the rugby, working on the web, packaging stuff, writing, reading and stuff. I have been rolling up scrim bundles in themes - Australiana and Opulent. They look great but I doubt if they will make it to the web as I only have 12 of each colour set. These are the Kimberley Dreaming bundles. I just thought they would be especially good if you were using scrim and wool on the embellisher - mainly because that is how I have been working with my Marrakech fabrics.

Below are the bundles head up on the scanner

The weather is still very warm. I have started on my Marrakech entry for Stitched and Bound with a few ideas roaming around in the head. Finished a Wild Woman - I thought it highly appropriate to have shoes since I seem to have lots of pairs myself. Visit our website tomorrow to see what the challenge is all about.Off to get ready for our bbq - Bruce and Kaz are coming around but not sure where Grant is - he went up to Dongara to kite surf.


artisbliss said...

You are keeping creatively busy, you little bumblebee you. Love the wild woman and the shoe theme is relevant to me, too. My husband calls me Imelda Marcos.

Maureen said...

Oh those Kimberly Dreaming are just too yummy.
I hope that one bundle has MY name on it!(I was born in Broome )

FCP said...

These colors are lovely--you ARE quite the photographer. I love your artful photos, textiles and the door photos! You are a very busy woman with many talents!

Digitalgran said...

Dale, I love your scrim colours. I cut a little piece out of today's Sunday mag in just those colours would you believe?
If I picked up a book by Ruth Lee before lights out I would never get to sleep. My mind would be working overtime. She's really good. Used to be my fave years ago when I machine knitted.


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