Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Welcome to November

Yes I know this entry is a day late but once again I nearly forgot my November cat - it fell off the ledge onto me to remind me.

We have been a bit busy today and I am really pleased that only one person has emailed to say she couldn't open the newsletter. We don't want to change the way we write it and send it - I know lots of people look forward to a 2 page pdf and anyway we have control over it doing it ourselves.

I haven't got very far with my circles but I  have cut them all up and lain out a background which will be foiled and things - still deciding. I have made a few rosettes to go on each. The red one is the only bit of red in the hank. they are very easy to make using the sari ribbon - you probably should iron it first but I haven't. I have simply used whatever amount of each colour cropped up.

If you are chasing the taster - it has gone but I will have a new one tomorrow. Ian has loaded three new books to the website - they are all excellent.

Off to dinner with Val and Jim soon - haven't seen them for ages.


Heather said...

Even I could open the newsletter! I can't believe it is November already - where has this year gone?
Love the rosettes - another use for lovely sari ribbon.

Judy said...


The year has cerainly got her roller skates on I cant believe how close Xmas is, lovely rosettes from sari ribbon.


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