Saturday, November 05, 2011

flower stitcher and some lovely little books

So many people have bought the flower stitcher and my book in the last few weeks so I thought I would show one of my pieces. It is very similar to the cover on the book - lots of different stitches and all using one thread - Carnivale. Variegated threads are my favourites - the colour plays all over the place. I am working on a few pieces on Romeo but they are not for showing yet.

When we were in Provence I bought a number of beautiful little books - all in French of course so it will encourage me to practise my French as well. This one is a cook book - using fleurs - I got it for Jacinta as well for the magnificent colours. Expect to see some of these combos coming up before too long.

Full of exquisite drawings -

and another

 and this one is my diary for 2012 also full of lots of recipes. Should keep me out of mischief. Since I coudln't find any Provencial fabrics (other than table cloths and napkins and the like) I think these are more my scene anyway.

Tonight we are going to the KD Lang concert at Sandalford winery. It is expected to shower so we have plastic for under us, our low chairs, our picnic and plastic to cover us. We can only get wet but we are looking forward to it.


Penny said...

The books look great, Have to say I tend to buy books too, but they do make the luggage heavy.

Sharne Gregory said...

I find it hard to resist books, as my bookshelves bear witness too! Happy cooking

Julie said...

I can't resist books either, bought two this week! Hope you enjoyed the concert and didn't get too wet. The diary will be a lovely way to remember your holiday.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale what scumptious things youhave been doing and buying, for those books I'd learn French as quick as i could. I do so envy you the KD Laing concert, I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of it.


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