Monday, November 21, 2011

tidying up - losing some things - finding others

Sometimes when you tidy up you lose things. Like - I have lost my hand sewing needles all gathered on a felted thingy. While I was hunting for it, I found this African inspired neckpiece I made for City and Guilds. I spent ages at the time studying Angela Fisher's Africa Adorned which is full of wondrous photos. It was about this time that I was making hundreds of metres of machine stitched cords and copiously stitching hand painted calico.

These are the matching earrings - I used to make a lot of them and sell them at the markets. Past that phase but it is always good to look at things you did ages ago.

I thought I was very organised but then I realised I actually have a huge list of things to do this week but no list and I was pottering from one thing to another. So I did the right thing and wrote my long list down (I really AM a list person from way back when) and now I can start my ticking things off habit - that always gives satisfaction. So I still have a large number of piles but with some structure. However rather than completing anything today I started stitching sari ribbon down. Tut tut!

I have been working out the requirements for my classes at Victorian Embrioderers' Guild summer school in January - I am teaching 2 two day classes and trying to work out what the students need and what I can take. Thanks for the response to my hands-on workshops here at my studio - some of them are filling up quite nicely - I may have to change a couple since our calendar for the first part of 2012 is getting rather full.

It is hotting up in Perth and going to get hotter during the week. I have been watching the weather in Wellington and on the West Coast - gales and water.


Dorothy said...

I too have to do some tidying as I have bought another machine and need to mske space. I also hope to find a couple of things. I am being optimistic but it will not be as exciting as your find. Very nice.

Robin Mac said...

That was a much more interesting find than I could make in my messy workspace! When do you leave for NZ? I see Perth is to be 30 degrees today so you will be glad to get away from it! Cheers


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