Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Up in the deep north

Arrived in Auckland at 5.30am - collected our car and turned left and had a great long drive to the north - popped into Kawakawa to out Hundertwasser toilets - discovered my camera battery was flat and charger back in Perth - sadly the cord doesn't fit Ian's camera so when I remember how to send pics from my phone I will.

In the meantime we slept in until 10am which was very good and booked in for our anni dinner. Been walking and exploring. Thanks for all the lovely messages.


Shane Pollard said...

Oh Dale, you sound just like me!!
Too many things to do and think of before closing the suitcase!!!
I have to live by my lists these days - otherwise it's chaos!

I did a post on Hundertwasser magnificent toilets a while back - if you want to see - go here:

Have fun

Peaceful Parallel said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I had never heard of these toilets but followed Shane's link to her blog and WOW no wonder they are a tourist attraction! By the way Shane I 'borrowed' your delicious Friand recipe. Bethx

Rae's Rags said...

Congratulations on annother year. Funny how the two of you have not aged a bit since this time last year! (or the year before that....) Enjoy your time away.

Heather said...

Those toilets sound amazing. Glad you enjoyed your sleep-in - you obviously needed it. Have a great time.


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