Sunday, November 06, 2011


Not particularly good photos but I have been working on the next holey moley club lesson which is rust and rort and I wanted to work with some texture. Khadi paper has a wonderful texture (the khadi books are walking out the door but once they have gone there will be no more until next October - they are too heavy to have sent) and I have rubbed over the surface with Shiva Stiks and then sprayed over the top with some ink. It actually looks rather yummy as the Shivas are a great resist. I am planning to stitch once it is all dry etc. Khadi paper being a cotton rag paper, is wonderful for stitching and I think everyone must know, almost my favourite. When I had the books sent to me at Ally Pally, I also got some very large pages which I have plans for but I am going to have to be frugal with these as there aren't many and it was quite an effort working out how to get them back with us.

For this one I used a Stylish Stencil - Chicken Wire - so simple but effective. Rubbed the stiks over the surface and used a toothbrush to spread it and blend it. I find an old toothbrush better than  stencil brush.  Then I sprayed it with a Moondshadow Mist. Again it looks a bit dark here but trust me it looks great.

K.D. Lang (always wonder how bad people's names are that they won't use them - after all I am stuck with Dale - wonder what the response would be if I started calling myself  D.E. ) - the concert was good - this is the third one we have been to - we both decided we enjoyed the earlier ones better - this one was rather more like a rock concert and she didn't do many of her lovely soft ballad songs. But it didn't rain and the only eventful thing which happened was my brand new chair which broke under me - all replaced now and a new one in the shed for next time.

Back to the mags - I have found 1 copy each of the latest CPS and the CPS Gifts if anyone is after them. They had managed to hide away where I could  not see them.

Thanks for the comments about my new French books  - bed time reading for me....

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Singer said...

Kathryn Dawn Lang probably wouldn't have done as well as the stage name of k.d.lang. I wonder how Elton John would have got on if he had kept his real name - Reginald Kenneth Dwight, - just doesn't do it!!!
Pleased you enjoyed the concert.



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