Friday, November 25, 2011

slow progress today

thank goodness it is Friday - it is cooler but it has been so humid and I seem to have fallen the short straw and had to work in the non air con parts of the house packaging. the latest Art Quilting Studio arrived in dribs and drabs with more to come probably on Monday. Some came with Fed Ex and some by post. Very interesting. We have sent out all to the people on the list but there are plenty left as I ordered lots. This magazine is always very popular and I did have a quick read when I had my lunch and it looks good - inspired a few ideas in my head.

We also got a bigger bag of the silk string as the first lot has almost all gone. It's pretty yummy stuff - I am going to use some over the weekend. My list grew today so when I checked the ticks all was not promising but then tomorrow is another day and now I am off to sit outside and sew ab utton on Ian's trousers whilst enjoying a glass of Reisling.


Heather said...

The colours in the silk string are so vibrant and gorgeous. I have never come across it - it probably hasn't reached the UK yet.
Glad you made time to sew that button on Ian's trousers - dignity at all times!!

Judy said...


Looking forward to Quilting Arts Studio, it will make a break from all thee Christmas stuff i'm lost in. And i love the colours of the Silk String. Like the sound of that glass of Reisling, it would cheer our day here, in Tas. it's rain, rain and more rain, and yesterday we thought summer had come. Ha. Ha.


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