Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Provence - not quite a slide show

I was going to create a slide show of our Provence photos - the real ones taken by Ian - but Slide show is closing down so while I search for a new one I shall pst lots of pics instead for you to enjoy.
What I have discovered is that if you click on the first photo it brings them all up so you can look at them all liks a slide show. 

 Arch at the top of Menerbes

our hire car at the bottom of our steps in our very own car park

 Dale in Le Petite Luberon - walking day

 view from Menerbes

 wonderful roofs (rooves?)

livng area in our villa  - as you can see I am trying to load up the table like I do at home with my stuff.

 Street in Menerbes

 street in Menerbes at night

 La Veranda where we had two wonderful meals and only a few minutes from home.

 grapes in Menerbes looking down from our villa

the gate to our villa

 grapes of course

more grapes

Hope you enjoy it - we had a wonderful time. Busy as beavers back here now. Such excitement - our face book page has over 1000 likes (strange word) so thank you all - check out and leave a comment because I am giving away 10 daily prizes for 10 days  - that's one for each 100.


Heather said...

Such a lovely post Dale. The photos are beautiful - I love all those old stone walls, steps and archways, and the rooftops are great too. It must have been a wonderful holiday for you both.

Dorothy said...

Lots of happy memories there, it's rather nice having a visual trip around the world through your eyes.

Judy said...


What a divine place to holiday!


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