Tuesday, November 01, 2011

photographing work

I have noticed these days that people rush around shows and exhibitions gleefully taking photos - I don't condone or condemn this practice. The internet and i-phones etc have made it very easy to photograph and publish to social media. but I must say that this year at Ally Pally I have never seen so many people rush to our stand and click away to their heart's content without a please or thank you or who even does this work belong to? I try to take lots of my work for the wall display to feature our lovely goodies, our colours and what I am doing and I never ever begrudge photos - they are all a bit far away anyway. But this year we started handing out a flyer suggesting some acknowledgement if using the pics in a journal or folio etc. Some people were still not that pleasant about it. One lady even tried to get into the stand so she could could get better photos - I declined that one. The upshot was that I checked out the exhibitions and didn't feel I could photograph anything. I talked to one exhibitor who asked for a donation and she had collected quite a lot of money. Anyway I 'stole' the above photo from Julie's blog - I am sure she won't mind. It was a piece on the Textile Study Group's exhibition from Ruth Isset - I have always considered Ruth a great artist and was lucky enough to do a workshop with her back in the mid-90s. Always sharing  and I love catching up with her. She uses colour so well as you can see from the work above.

It is the Melbourne Cup today not that you would know here - we have managed to forget to watch it once again. Very warm day and I am still working on those circles and Ian is working on the newsletter.

The downside of going away for nearly three weeks is that the tree roots get excited and  cause havoc with our toilet system (as Lisa experienced....) - Ian got some special stuff to pour in but we have had over a week of the toilet not even thinking about flushing for quite some time and musical chattering in the bathroom. The plumber forgot to come last Thursday and we didn't want to remind him over the weekend in case he charged weekend rates so we have just quietly hung in and suffered. He turned up this morning and everything is back to normal - thank goodness.

Finally - here is the November newsletter for anyone having troubles getting the pdf from my email to work.


Cathy Hetzel said...

One way to stop people taking photos of your work at your stall is to take photos of them.They don't like it.

Julie said...

I'm glad your plumbing is sorted Dale:-)

As you know I am 'guilty' of taking photos at Shows, including a general shot of yourself and your stand at AP. I tend to take the view, rightly or wrongly, that if there is no sign forbidding photos then I can take them but I do ask if I am wanting to take more detailed photos. I figure that if work is on display in a public place then seeing it in real life or via a photo on the net is the same thing except that obviously the real life view is so much better. I usually try and remember to put a lower quality version on my blog than the one I keep for my own inspiration. Maybe as I am not a professional I have a different view than someone who is making their living from their art. I love to take photos to remember exhibitions and work by and to refer to for inspiration but I hope that that inspiration would never come out as a direct copy. The subconscious is a strange creature!

PS Quite happy for you to have borrowed my pic :-)

Heather said...

We take flushed toilets for granted these days - glad yours is sorted. Large tree roots can do so much damage. I always look for signs permitting (or not) photography at exhibitions and think it only right to acknowledge the artist if using the photos anywhere. I have found that most visitors to my group's exhibitions are courteous enough to ask permission but there is always a monority who are less scrupulous.

Dorothy said...

There is not much worse than troublesome plumbing so glad it is fixed. To photograph or not seems to be a can of worms, I mostly forget my camera but courtesy seems to be the best plan and to acknowledge the artist is just that.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

I always acknowledge an artists work if I put it on my blog. I am constantly disgusted by how rude some people are these days, and assume it is their right to photograph whatever they want. Intellectual property doesn't seem to matter to some people unfortunately. Perhaps you need a sign saying 'no photography'. Even then however you see people sneaking photos where you see such signs.


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