Thursday, November 24, 2011

summer has arrived methinks

It's horrible here today - 37 and hot and sticky - time to move off methinks.  The reticulation is working and needed but the birds do love our garden with the trees and the waterlily water. There are fires out of control down in Margaret River and properties lost - I am not sure they ever learn from the past.

I can report that my list does have a few ticks although more are needed and it is nearly the end of the week. I couldn't resist starting another little piece using sari ribbon and stitch. I am stitching on a background of flower stitches. Silly I know but this is one from one of my many demos and they pile up. I shan't cover them all anyway I really like the way the loose threads hang out everywhere.


Doreen G said...

It's freezing here and we have the heater on and our winter woolies as well.

Heather said...

It's mild here in the UK for November but my hands are still like ice and I've even made myself some fingerless mitts for laptopping!
I love your stitchy piece - lovely textures.
Don't know which is worse, fire or flood - it depends on the severity. I suppose you can escape in a flood if you can swim or hang on to something. Hope no lives have been lost, and if the fires have been started deliberately I hope the penalty is very harsh.

Penny said...

We are medium in the weather department. Cant believe the devastation still going on in the Margaret River area. I think we are due for your weather soon.
Not getting a lot done as the mad rush for Christmas begins, great grandson operated on yesterday, had to do a skin graft, all been a bit worrying.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Hotting up down in North West Tassie, quite bearable though, breeze coming in from the coast 20 ks away. Those fires at Margaret River are a sad reminder of what summer in OZ can bring with it, and as you say we never semm to learn from the history of fire. Your new stitchery is intriqueing, look forward to see it completed; that is if you show us.

Robin Mac said...

You must be really looking forward to the change in NZ after that heat! Hot and sticky here, but only 30 degrees - no rain in sight however. I hope the rain has finally put out the fires in Margaret River. cheers


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