Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday just rocks up and along

I have been trying to get going on my next big project but apart from pages of words spread all over the table and the fabric ready at my sewing machine I am making slow progress. Mainly because we are busy. Loads of parcels appearing and lots of packaging needed to be done. We used to sell Corriedale wool in 200gram packs and when they sold out I dropped them off the catalogue and didn't re-order but a couple of weeks ago I was using some with my needlefelter and thought - these really are good and the needlefelter loves them - so I placed a huge new order and Ian popped them on the web - mostly to package in 3 shade sets of 150grams - and I was quietly waiting for them to arrive so I could quietly package them. Murphy popped in and all these people started ordering them - before they got here. but they did rock up yesterday afternoon just in time to package the first lot and today I have been working away like a little beaver and getting ready to place a new order. This above is Pansy. For felt making I love our 18.5 micron merino which Jacinta and Martien dye for us and we sell it natural but the NZ Corriedale has a wonderful springy texture to it.

Here he is - Ian is pretty sure it must be a South Island one... I used to spin an awful lot when we lived in Wellington and knitted and crocheted copious garments for everyone including the public when I worked at the markets. Spin up and crochet up during the week and sell it all on the weekend - something like that.

 As well as that (and a pile of other goodies to arrive) CPS Pages rocked up too. I ordered a lot because I thought it might be good and it is - they will all go out tomorrow and there are about 5 copies left if anyone is interested.

Studio to get on with big project? Tomorrow....

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Heather said...

I love yarns and fibres - just looking at them gives me a buzz and I'm always trying NOT to buy more! The CPS Pages looks very interesting - I shall try and track one down from where I get my QA mag.


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