Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy Saturday and Relaxing Sunday

I had 6 lovely ladies here yesterday for a wonderful workshop - I hope they enjoyed it - I haven't done this before and it involved cleaning and clearing my studio which in retrospect has been excellent. I had, of course, far too many on my list of things to play with   but we used transfer paints, painted fusible webbing, played with Lutradur and Evolon and TAP - so I think we did pretty well. Ian was the chief chef and he did a very good job too. I enjoyed it enough to start thinking about some more for next year which I shall pop in my Workshop tag soon for a response of interest.

Afterwards, we went up Beaufort Street to check out the Beaufort Street Festival - this was the giant sock bird created by Wendy Herrington. one of the best parts of having a festival is that Beaufort Street is closed to traffic and there were lots of people wandering enjoying themselves. It is very good for the local businesses and should happen more often. Maybe it well now we have a new mayor who is pretty active. We queued up at GoGos for a take away and then decided to rest our weary feet (I had been standing all day) inside GoGos restaurant where we had a very nice curry and made some new friends with the people at the next table who had been at the races all day - say no more...

Karen brought me a lovely bunch of wheat - I expect from her farm - I have been doing a few sketches.

Today I have scrubbed the studio floor (it's polished stone and came up a treat) which was well overdue and I Have cleaned out a few more things and created a few more spaces and put most of my big baskets of work in progress back inside. Ian has cleaned all the decking and re oiled it so we are going to be looking pretty smart for the coming times.


Heather said...

Your workshop sounds great - I could do with one like that and I'm sure your ladies had a great time. Do you do Bed and Breakfast for overseas students?!!!
Love the sock bird - what a fun idea - and I'm always in favour of closing streets to traffic.
Ian has done a fantastic job on the decking - it looks beautiful.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

What busy people you have been, and having a wonderful time as well.


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