Thursday, November 03, 2011

bowls and good thoughts

In Roussilon we bought a couple of beautiful bowls - we don't buy a lot of stuff when we are away but we usually look for something we can use - a jug, salad dish or bowls. These two were beautiful and made locally. They have slightly different patterns. There was a big choice so it took us some time. back in 1992 when we did our big o/e trip and drove all around Europe, I bought a big jug with apparently an original East German design from way back when. I am amazed it got home safely and I do love it and use it every day.

Inside colour of the bowls - not both the same but the turquoise is wonderful.We have used them already.

This is our resident kookaburra - he seems rather set on staying. I was trying to work out why one f the waterlilies seemed to keep losing water and then I discovered why - this guy dive bombs in and has a lovely swim - quite often.

Ian loaded three books onto the website yesterday - they are all excellent but this one when I popped it on facebook - both of the authors popped in to make a comment - this has never happened before - rather exciting. I think it will be a really useful book for many people.

It is still mag time - the Studios arrived this afternoon - they will go out tomorrow - ther are a couple left over if anyone is interested. It is always very popular and we keep having to bring in more each issue.

and this is a new mag - Stitch Gifts - looks good and we have sent these out and there are a few of these left too.

I have managed to post out half of the POMs (products of the month) and to load my next Taster. Hope you enjoy it.


Heather said...

The bowls are gorgeous and a lovely reminder of your French holiday. Nearly 40 years ago we did the same thing and our fruit bowl is still much loved. Your kookabora certainly makes himself at home - cheeky thing.
Just going to have a look at the new taster.

Heather said...

Write out 20 times - Kookaburra!

Judy said...


I love your bowls, I have a thing for bowls, in another life I was a potter and they were my most favourite things to make, there is something about the open space in them waiting to be filled. I've been and looked at all the new goodies and have started my list of wants. Mr Kookaburra has really dedicide he like your place, even found his own special bath.


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