Saturday, November 19, 2011

another anniversary

It is a year today since the Pike River mine disaster and I imagine a very sad day for many families - there still seem to be few answers.

In Perth it is a lovely day - sunny - not too hot - bit of wind - the more of these the merrier. There is a concert tonight at the oval and they have been practising all afternoon - they are not very good as yet so I am happy to be going out for Kaz's birthday.

I have been playing with a few things including water soluble paper and have loaded a new taster

I had some drama with my laptop last week and lost all my programmes when a new hard drive was needed. Some I have started to reload but it won't talk to my printer as yet which is a bother as I have the only inkjet printer necessary for all this strange printing stuff. in the meantime I am revisiting as I work through the last of my Okarito pieces - I am putting together a few different books and journals and then I will be finished. This above is one of my photos printed onto water soluble paper and after a bit of this and that, twin needled onto a fibrousy background.

I have also been playing with rust powder but maybe for tomorrow.


Heather said...

A very sad anniversary.
Hope your computer/printer problems are soon resolved. I love this piece on water soluble with twin needling. It looks very delicate and has a lovely ancient and gently decaying quality.

Julie said...

A year already, so sad.

Computer problems are a nuisance aren't they? Mine has been running slow and driving me mad! I finally removed the programme I thought was resposible and it's much better. Hope you get yours to talk to your printer soon.

Peaceful Parallel said...

We were at the concert last night and it was terrific! The fireworks finale was a excellent way to end the night!
As we were leaving there were 2 fellas having a punch up outside your house! I understand why you went out, the cars and people must drive you nuts when things like that are on. Bethx


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