Thursday, January 31, 2008


Christine has tagged me for a "You Make My Day" award. Thank you very much - I am glad I make someone's day. I certainly didn't make the day for one of my suppliers today - but then she didn't make mine either. The blogs which make my day and which I read every morning are the ones in my links on the right

1 The house In Marrakesh - takes me there every day
2 Paris Breakfasts - what joy and I can't get any fatter from reading it
3 Lucillian Delights - another joy to read
4 Jackie Morris - always fabulous photos of the Pembrokeshire Coast

None of them textiley as such but so inspirational

This wonderful book arrived yesterday - a super collection for my research and ideas for my work.

I also received a lovely parcel of fabric from Lisa Walton
I am going to use them for my Shiva work - I have an article which will be in Machine Embroidery (and textile art) in the June on using them and I am making a pile of tiny cushions for the article. Started ages ago but not finished. Other things got in the way.

Whoops - I forgot to push the publish post button on Wed so here we are on Thursday - I will be back!


Penny said...

Dale thank you for directing me to the house in Marrakesh as a blog to look at it is wonderful if I cant go there this is the next best thing. Paris Breakfasts I know but I will look at some of your others later. The book looks wonderful are you stocking it or is this a special for you?

Elizabeth said...

May I add you to my blog roll?
It would be lovely to have you be easy to get to.
I look at almost all my blog roll people every day.
I'm trying to give a sort of accurate-ish picture of what ordinary life is like here.
All best wishes

Unknown said...

The Elizabethan book loks good - I looked on Amazon - its priced £84!!! Lucky you!

Frances said...

the book looks interesting, I have the photo of Liz on the cover as a very large framed print, I love it so much texture and another redheaded virgo,
congrats on the make my day award, you make my week when I can find time to catch up with blog reading, thanks Dale,

Leanne Hurren said...

I have looked at the ELizabethan book a few times o nAmazon as that's my theme at the moment - is it worth the money Dale? Could you tell us a bit more about it? I just bought hte Tudor Tailor and that looks good - not interested in making the costumes but interested in techniques and style.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Thanks for the link there. I'm off to Marrakesh in a minute to have a look. All waiting for spring here. Went searching for wild snowdrops today and there should be a royal carpet of them next week.
Jackie, and the gingercats


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