Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marrakesh Book progress

The first page both sides is finished so now onto the next one. I have not yet decided how they will all end up - one of life's little surprises maybe.

The vacuum cleaner came back rather grubbier for wear with a shortened long thing - Ian's pride and joy. I cleaned it - he shall fix it but we got lots of bags for it.

In case you have been worrying that I would fail in my new year resolution, the Feb newsletter is all ready to send out tomorrow. I have instigated specials just for newsletter readers (in addition to the ones on our website). Judging from the response this month, it was a good idea. You have to sign up on our website to receive it though.

BBQ tonight - chicken tandoori Dale style.


Barbara said...

love all the pages...wonderful colours..

Aussie Jo said...

These pages are looking great, I also love the colours. What thread did you use for your hand stitching??

Fulvia said...

Love, love, LOVE this one, Dale!

Elizabeth said...

The palm trees are stunning. A lovely motif.
Beautiful work.
Thank you so much for the "You Make my Day"
All best wishes

artisbliss said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. My mouth waters looking at these. I suppose I shall have to add needle felting to my fiber addictions! Been wanting to try that anyway. Maybe now is the time.

Penny said...

Yummy colours and i love the palm tree.
Do I have to book for the seminar at the AQC or is it just one you go to?
will be there for part of the first day, have to fly out at 4. Arrive on Monday, it is a quick trip to see children and grands and of course to spend my hard earned cash at the thread studio stand!

Frances said...

I love the first page Dale, very Marrakesh, I had some holidays there in the 1990's walking in the Atlas mountains starting and finishing in Marrakesh, I bought a book when home called Arts and Crafts of Morocco by James F Jereb, published 1995 and my copy is the first publication so do not know if it is still in print, I think you would love it Dale, the IBSN 050027830X if you would like more info just e mail me, best thoughts, Frances,

Leanne Hurren said...

GOrgeous as always Dale! Love the colours and textures - what a lovely momento of your trip

Leanne Hurren said...

GOrgeous as always Dale! Love the colours and textures - what a lovely momento of your trip


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