Sunday, January 13, 2008

another lovely day

Last night we went to Keating the Musical - a wonderful satirical black comedy which we thoroughly enjoyed. We caught the train to Subiaco and had a super meal at Ecco, a very busy pizzeria on Rokeby road. Worth another visit for sure.

I am still working away on preparation for my workshops in Melbourne but have allowed myself to get sidetracked working on my Marrakech Postcards - they will be a series to go to Wanaka for March.

Very sad and sobering news for us all was the death of Sir Edmund Hilary - a NZ living treasure and okay he was 88 and not well but you kind of expected him to go on for ever. Such a modest, generous man who achieved such fame and all without the hype we seem to be engulfed in today. I think it all shows there is a change and we will never see the likes of him again.

Tonight we are off to San Marco with the family.


Dorothy Gibbs said...

Yes I was sad about Hilary. I remember hearing about that as we watched the Coronation in 1953. We had bought our first TV especially for the event and the house was crowded with neighbours who were invited to watch.

Penny said...

Last night John and I were saying how lucky we were that we were around When Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest and also when man first walked on the moon. Not sure about some of the other things we were around for!

Rosalind said...

I remember the thrill of hearing the news of Sir Edmund Hillary on Coronation Day as well. A great man and especially for his work in Nepal.

We too had our first television with half the street sitting in front of it with us. I seem to remember the screen being about six inches square :o)


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