Tuesday, January 08, 2008

more hot, more sticky

Mags was talking about Zandra Rhodes on her blog and I went searching for my The Art of Zandra Rhodes from the 80s - I thought I had lost it but found it hidden away. This has been one of my most inspirational books.

I have been playing with colour and stitch in between trying to keep cool. It is very humid and I slept with the window open and we think every sandfly in Perth came to visit looking at all the blood on our sheets.

This one is using a variegated thread - Indian Splendour - which has 5 very strong colours. All free stitching with dogs down. The top row left to right - 1- 1 thread in top and bottom 2 - 3 threads in top - 2 var and 1 gold 3 - 2 variegateds.

Bottom row - free zigzag - 1 - 1 thread in top 2 - 2 var and 1 gold in top through 1 needle - 3- 2 threads in top. You can see the greater depth of colour when you use 2 variegateds through the top needle and adding gold gives that extra special extra.

This sample uses Royal Shiraz which also has 5 strong colours and stitching with the feed dogs up and regular stitch. Top row
1 - 1 thread in top and straight stitch, 2- 2 threads in top 3 - 2 threads plus gold through needle. Bottom row - zig zag 1 - 1 thread in top, 2- 2 threads in top. Again - it gives so much more depth of colour. Playing with threads is a very useful exercise. Since I design all of our variegated threads I spend ages testing combinations and using them this way. I really enjoy as it adds to the palette.

Tonight we went to Gogos for dinner. He is hoping the cricket will be on in Perth as he is cricket mad and is doing the catering.

The dummie - well Maggie - she was nice but I did bring the dummie back not the little old lady. Penny - I do have several dummies including Dolly Pardon but this one is a perfect shape.

Hello Connie- thanks for your lovely words.

Our server has been having a lot of problems today as we haven't been able to receive mail for most of the day - at least it kept the spammers away but only for a short while. If you emailed us and it bounced do try again - we seem to be okay again now.

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