Thursday, January 03, 2008

plodding along

It addles your brain when it is muggy and hot but you just plod on gently. I have stitching colour wheels today - yes Playways people - even I stitch colour wheels! No distressing of them yet though - only me who is heat distressed.

Started on velvet applique - very base to start while I get inspired with some ideas but I have corded around the shapes.

Then I stitched some more and stitched straight lines over the top - that always improves something but then I ran it under the embellisher and now we are talking a bit of distressing. Distressing is not only when you are hot and bothered but also what happens to your clothing after many years.

This is some detail from my Virgin Bride dress whichI have always been fond of. Lots of silk paper making, text stitching, cutting, wrapping and hand stitching on - of course - bridal tuile.
Here is it on the dummy I borrowed last week. A lovely dummy - I am going to see if she will sell it to me - it's a beautiful shape for slim garments.

and another close up. I needed some good shots to send off so Ian had fun even if he did have to stand outdoors in the heat!

I have been rereading a few old favourites as part of my research - one I had forgotten about is Val C-H's Strip Patchwork. It's got so much useful information in it - I was amazed. Sort of ignored it a bit since the idea of patchwork doesn't grab me but, as always, Val has explored everything.

We are off to dinner with Pam and Richard who have a b&b in Broome but at his time of the year they have escaped back to Perth.


Unknown said...

Heat!!! Give me some!!!! Its 1 degree and snowing :)

Barbara said...

wow! you are working on wonderful pieces !...and... Wish you a Happy New Year !

Unknown said...

What a wonderful dress Dale. I have this book also somewhere but haven´t looked in it for a while. Maybe I must...Happy New Year!

Lisa Walton said...

And new banner too - very nice

Frances said...

happy new year, i love the dress and the black dummy makes the white stand out (the beige ones would not do as well) hope you get it,


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