Monday, January 14, 2008

Am I panicking yet?

Well not quite but it is late in the evening and the first of 3 suitcases is not actually full yet. This is the case for my Fragments class on Wed and Thursday and I forgot to include a number of things in the requirements list which means I have had to rethink a bit about what I am doing. I should be right in the morning..... Then there are the other 2 suitcases and a little pile of orders which came in this evening which I will do so as not to leave stacks for Ian. I will be back on Sunday night. Actually I think I should be panicking but I gave that up years ago.

Maggie mentioned transferring images onto webbing on her blog so of course I had to try that. I scanned (my computer is behaving like a dream with its new ram - oh so fast) a couple of postcards from Marrakech and printed them. They were quite grainy but I managed to transfer them onto the webbing - first one very faint (the backing was some moonshadow sprayed cocoon strippings and maybe they were too dark) but the second one amazingly good (I used white polycotton). Then I scanned a photo Ian took and that was excellent. Thanks for that Maggie - I shall explore the idea further. I am a very lazy transfer person - I usually soak tissutex in Inkjetset and that does the trick for me although my new Epson scanner does not like Tissutex and I have to use Ian's older scanner. Means a bit of mucking around. But at least I am busy doing some prep work for my Marrakech postcards so you good people in Wanaka I hope will enjoy seeing them.

Janet mentioned this book in the HH Module 2 notes (no - that does not mean I have finished module 1 but I sneakily read ahead). The grass is always greener. Anyway this little gem arrived today. It is full of hand-folded, twisted, wound and woven forms. Extremely valuable. I am still thinking about velvet applique but once I have mastered something on this subject I shall be ready to move on.

Susan - thank you for your comments on Cennini - and you are amazingly talented. I have only ever plodded on playing - nothing heavily intellectual at all. I shall visit you and see what you are up to. The book is really quite fascinating and of course they didn't have access to all the stuff around today - look at acrylics for a start - but the fact that they had to create stuff in order to be able to use it, makes it so much more meaningful. We get so used to just buying this and that and not thinking about where it comes from. There are, apparently, all these kids in the world who think milk comes from cartons, chips from Maccas etc etc.

We had a nice meal out last night - good to get together with our children - Grant is not always around. I took photos in my 'Rose' mode (my mother always had her camera at every event much to everyone's horror) but Ian hasn't sent any to me yet so when I get back next week.....
The thing about using a digital camera is that you can simply delete pics you don't like. In the latter part of her life some of the photos my mother sent me had heads chopped off and were full of people I had never seen. Never mind.

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Dianne said...

I wish I was coming to one of your workshops Dale, but I couldnt get in - it was already booked out. Hope you have a fun time!!!


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