Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Thank you for all the nice comments - I enjoy writing my blog. It's like the diary I started each January 1st and never got very far. It helps to keep me on my toes .

Here we are - well we are not but our champagne glasses , chairs and shoes are - all at the ready for our Australia Day relax - the weather is hot and humid (sorry to sound like a jammed vinyl record) and quite tiring so by the end of the day we are both quite worn out. But we had a lovely relaxing night and watched most of the fireworks standing up at this very spot.

Our choir in the garden - at the ready.

In Melbourne for my embellisher workshop I had made some pieces with wool fibre worked on scrim and I cut them up and wove the strips. This is it on my table with my Marrakech stuff surrounding.

Back home I have flower stitched on the surface and added some hand stitch - here is a close up. Incidentally, if you have a flower stitcher and you want to share what sort of sewing machine you have, I would love to hear from you. Then I can add the info to our website because lots of people ask me and I don't know all the machines they work on.

Starting work on my Marakkech book - collecting together all my fibres and scrim - this is for the book cover.

and here are the ingredients for one set of pages - including beads made from my Marrakesh serviettes.

At last I am underway - it takes me ages to plan, sort, gather, print, then stitch, paint, cut, layer etc etc.

Now Ian beckons as we are off to Spaghi for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dale, the flower stitcher works fine on my Bernina Virtuosa 155, but not my Pfaff 2170. hth, Wendy

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Dale - I am a bit slack in the comments department but I read your blog all the time and love everything about it - the mixture of life and art is perfect! Congratulations on 500 posts too - wish I had the time to go back and read all the ones before I started. Love love love your book cover piece - it is so vibrant and textural looking. We've had a very hot few days and it is going to be 44 here today so I know how you are feeling about the heat!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

I have just begun using my Flower Stitch Foot I bought from you a while back.

I have a Janome Memory Craft 3500, it fits perfectly and is working like a dream.

Penny said...

Hi Dale, my flower stitcher stitches best and its my best fme machine on my little Pfaff Hobby 1042, after I fiddled a bit it also works on my Pfaff creative 1475 which is an old machine which I have never got to succesfully do fme on. but I love it for other things it has.I am afraid your heat may get to us and so far we have been really cool and pleasant down near the coast.


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