Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hot and sticky

It's horrible and hot and sticky and tomorrow will be 38 - I really don't like this weather. I didn't get anything much done in the studio today as the Quilting Arts 31 arrived - without incidence - this is a first for quite a considerable time and I have been in a state of shock.... We have managed to get most of them out and will finish off tomorrow. You feel like there's a catch after all the trouble we have had with the past number of shipments. I haven't had time to read it as yet but I expect it will be good as usual. Very bright colour - highly suitable for the way I feel today.

I also got this lovely book in the mail - it is a novel but very interesting inside - I am looking forward to reading it. It has all manner of wonderful pics and drawings and maps - in North Africa including of course, Marrakesh.

The other lovely surprise I got when I got home from Melbourne was that Lynda had sent me the video of Gormenghast - thanks so much - we will enjoy seeing the remainder - it has been a saga and a half.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a great cover for the QUilting Arts magazine - can't wait to get my copy.


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