Tuesday, January 29, 2008

monday stuff

busy day today - it has dawned on me that i have to start packaging stuff for Melbourne quilt show so this morning was Romeo morning. Then we took ourselves off to Atonement - what a wonderful movie - Great photography and acting and the story. Well worth a visit. Back home by 9.30 to cook our bbq - a lovely evening - not too hot at all.

This is page one of my book - not completed as I plan to cut some holes to fill with images but I am underway. This is embellished fibres on scrim which has been woven - see the holes in readiness for what might lay under there.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have your lovely amd imspiring embellisher book and keep reading about scrim. Seeing this reminded me to ask exactly what it is. My friend says it is a heavy duty cleaning cloth and bought me a piece from a hardware shop.It's woven, quite coarse, and a grey browm colour. I'm in the UK and wondered if your "scrim" was called something else here.

Christine said...

Dale, I'm always intrigued and delighted to see your samples. I've nominated you for a "You Make My Day" award,
Christine in HOT Sydney

artisbliss said...

Between you and Maggie G. I have all the inspiration I will ever need. I love this page!


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