Friday, January 25, 2008

more hot and sticky

it's still horrible hot and sticky. Last night we went to the Sommerville outdoor movies at UWA with Eva and Malachy - it was a lovely evening and good for a picnic. The film was rather long and drawn out and we got lost but of course the good guys won in the end as they usually do.

The Bead Unique magazine I ordered from US finally arrived today - only nearly 3 months. It cost me twice as much for postage as for the magazine - I presume it came by slow mule swimming. I wanted to see the article by Barbara Matthiesson using Zap Cloth since it is our very own product. It is really interesting to see what other people have done with it - I do have a good set of notes to go with each package.
These are the Croc Thongs - well more like Rivers Jandals which I bought in Melbourne for $20. Love the colour and they are very comfy.

I have been playing around with some transferring of images but I will keep those for tomorrow. Getting some nice faded and worn sort of results. I think we will have a day off tomorrow from work - it is Australia Day and maybe we will go for a swim. The new dresser we had delivered for the kitchen had to be replaced as it was broken and the replacement came today. While we wait for Grant to re-emerge with our vacuum cleaner, we have crockery etc all over the kitchen. But a bbq tonight although it is pretty hot out there.

I haven't got my copy yet but the latest Machine Embroidery (and textile art) is out with my article on the flower stitcher. I have had lots of orders - that's how I know. I am waiting to see what the article looks like. And you will also be able to see my studio in the Cloth Paper Scissors Studio edition due out in April. I have no idea in what capacity though.

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