Saturday, January 05, 2008

mucking about on a Saturday

Went for a walk to see the progress on Grant's house - it is looking so much better - will be fabulous when it is finished. The plasterer was busy indoors and Grant was dumping rubble. Walked up Beaufort Street to get the groceries etc and met Ian for coffee at Lincolns.

This afternoon I made a couple of pages for yesterday's book - embellisher and hand stitch. Back to real work tomorrow.

Last night we watched The World's Fastest Indian - really good. Gormenghast tonight I hope. Tomorrow I will fix my header but interestingly on Internet Explorer it is tiny but on Firefox enormous.


Doreen G said...

Hi Dale--I have internet explorer and the header is enormous on my 'puter.

Guzzisue said...

Worlds fastest Indian, what a good film! there again, as a biker I'm probably biased.


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