Friday, January 04, 2008

easing of the situation

The weather has improved in that the temperature has gone down and the magical sea breeze has arrived but it is still muggy - amazingly in the eastern side of OZ they are having floods. Pam told us last night that she thought Yeppoon was one of the best places on the east coast - I know we have lots of customers from Yeppoon (how could you forget the name?) but I don't know if any read my blog - anyway there you go - maybe we will have to visit one day.

Today - Cloth Paper Scissors in - Cloth Paper Scissors out - more on way.

I haven't been further inspired with the velvet applique yet - still thinking and waiting for the magical inspiration, but this is a little book I am making for my workshop in Melbourne - the embellisher workshop.

If you want to see the progress of Grant's house (the one which the tenants tried to burn down earlier in the year and the squatter haven recently), go check his blog on the right to see the progress. It will be magnificent when it is finished.

I thought I would play around with my header - lost the old one which I do like and may have to rescan it but this one is enormous.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Your header is enormous Dale, can you get it smaller by re doing the jpg's?
I seem to be brain dead with the heat and extra people in the house but have found that if i embellish something, anything onto felt and then play with hand sewing I feel more like facing the world. Very humid here today, fans on every where.
We will be in Melbourne for the first day of the Quilt convention so must save some pennies. I think I am allowed about 3 hours and then we head for the airport.


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