Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Night at Chez Rollerson

Tonight at Chez Rollerson is The Police concert - well at is at Perth Oval but it might as well be in our garden. We shall sit outside with a wine and then pop out to GoGos. Tomorrow night is the second concert and we are having a family bbq. Just as well we don't mind the music or we would need our ear plugs. This is not the night for the Sonos system to be operating in our back garden.

Very efficiently got the Feb newsletter out today and seem to have been busy indoors.

Thank you for all the lovely comments. Fulvia - I am so flattered - I love Fulvia's work - have a peep at her website. I am working on some image and words for the next page - hopefully get it done tomorrow. Along with my HH stuff as I have got a bit behind and I am anxious to get some more work done. I have also been doing some rubbings with the Shivas for my article. When they are dry and iron and stitched I will show you my tiny cushions.

Aussie-Jo - you asked the thread colours. For the wool and threads I am using Federation - Jacinta chose this name (not sure why) and she dyes it in wool/silk/silk threads and I have a matching machine rayon. I thought the colours just suited the Marrakechian atmosphere for me. I have also been stitching with some of the threads from the Valdani Vintage Hues little boxed set. I just thought the tiny spools so cute that I had to use them.

Off outside for my wine and 'listen'

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joanlil said...

I wondered if you would sit outside and listen or take off so you didn't have to! Reminds me of the time (late 80s? early 90s)Pink Floyd played at East Fremantle Oval (3k away from where we lived then) I think I heard about as well as those at the concert!


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