Friday, February 29, 2008

off to see Nigel Kennedy

Up bright and early today - lots of work to do for later on we are off to Melbourne to see Nigel Kennedy play tomorrow night. This is our treat - only 2 small suitcases and no threads! We will be back on Sunday. Nigel Kennedy is such a fantastic artist that we always consider it a privilege to watch him play. He is not coming to Perth so we shall enjoy him playing Mozart and Beethoven with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
Nigel Kennedy
for anyone who might enjoy hearing what a brilliant player he is.

Here is the next page for my Marrakech book. I am working on the back cover which I shall take with me - I machined up an awful lot of cord yesterday - my Bernina needs oil so I dare not use it until I get some. it is nearly done.

ps 41.5 degrees yesterday - looking forward to cooler weather in Melbourne - Ian is not happy with the state of his new lawn.


Robin Mac said...

Lucky you to be going to hear Nigel Kennedy, one of my favourite violinists.

I love your Marrakesh page.

Our temp is only 27 degrees today, and the rain has gone away for the time being - yippee!!!!!

Digitalgran said...

That bottom Marrakech page is lovely!

Jill said...

What a talended lad & lucky you for being able to go and see him performing. Hope that you had a great time.

I am really enjoying watching your Marrakesh pages developing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

This is looking good, dale. And lucky you to be listening to Nigel Kennedy - I have some of his stuff.


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