Sunday, February 03, 2008

Recovering on a Sunday

it's not that we don't like Police - in fact we have some of their cds in our collection of 6000 tunes and I really love Songs from the Labyrinth - but that many decibels is too much. At least the sound was clear - just hard to escape. When Pink Floyd came to the Perth Oval, it was very windy and the sound was distorted so we went out one night and the second night went over to the park to listen - seemed to be lots of people wandering around a little worse for wear from goodness knows what. However, none of it was as bad as the 2 nights they had the truckin' stuff....... Rod Stewart in a couple of weeks - surely he can't sing that loud?

To add insult to ear attack, I managed to completely wreck my Marrakech page 2 which I have had to redo this morning. Never spray walnut ink over printed surfaces if you have a hankering to touch up the edges. Do it before you do all of your stitching. It was the first time I have used Extravorganza (well I had to do it twice) and it was so effective and easy to use and I love the overlay effect. You will see more of this from me for sure. You should just be able to see the words as well. This photo is a bit dark but it is certainly much better than the scan was.

I have been reading some more of the old books and found this one by Anne Coleman really good. Loads of great stuff to absorb. There is nothing new under the sun - it's just what you do with it and make it your own. I have been searching to see if I can find anything else about Anne but not much luck. One of you might tell me. I know she was involved with the young Embroiderers'

Susan Lenz has invited me to participate in her Cyber Fyber Exhibition

Thanks Susan - what a wonderful idea.

Off for our swim


Elizabeth said...

Hmm.........know what you mean about noise attack,
is it because we are no longer in our first youth?
A few weeks a go I was driven CRAZY by drumming.
Anyway, i love the colors in your new pieces -really rich and wonderful.
Have a good swim!

Frances said...

I guess a free concert has it's draw backs as you can't choose what you hear, I like the second book page and thanks for the tip on the walnut inks I still haven't used mine, must do some playtime, I remember the Anne Coleman book from my C&G in the 80's the local library had a copy and it was good for the machine embroidery part of Em.C&G, sorry i can't give any further info about her,

Nellie's Needles said...

Kudos on your exhibiting in Susan Lentz's show next January. I plan to go. Is it possible that I'll get to meet you?

I'm participating in Susan's postcard exchange. Yeah, I get #113 in trade for a postcard size lake based on my 100 lake quilt series.

artisbliss said...

Beautiful pages, Dale, and nice work with the Extravorganza. I think it's a cool tool. I'm very glad you're participating in Cyber Fyber. I am trading a postcard and am happy to be in on such a fun opportunity.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I remember Ann Coleman back in the '80's she came to Urchfont Manor and did some in-service classes with us serving teachers. She was an excellent speaker and had a fund of knowledge. She did some design work with us and participated in some printing workshops whic were being run by a younf art student.. and I cannot remember his name. At the time I did not realise quite how well known Anne was. Mary Youles joined us too.. and she gave a most inspiring slide show.

Will you say hi to Rod Stewart for me please?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Love the Marrakech alleyway and Congratulations on your invite to Susan Lenz Cyber Fiber Exhibition.

Like you I pulled out a book by Jan Beaney from the 1980 I'd forgtten I owned and so many ideas as new as today.


Penny said...

All these Free concerts! Not sure I would have liked the Police either but Rod Stewart is a different matter, the price you pay!
I am also finding some old books I didnt know I had bought and it is interesting re reading, also some of the newer ones.
Love he colors in your Marrakesh book.


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