Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dessicated Brain (thanks to Robyn for wonderful expression)

We keep being told it might rain or thunder - I think it means the weather will remain as humid as imaginable. Kinda slows you down.

Very late last night I watched a documentary on Elizabeth David (on the ABC a few weeks back) - I have had her writings and cookbooks from way back when so I really enjoyed this small insight into her life. Naturally, I have pulled out all of her books I own - the cook books are all dirty and well used which means I must have cooked plenty from them in the past. I have lots of cookbooks but I often just read them - I think the reading about recipes and surrounding info is as good as cooking and eating sometimes. This afternoon - early evening - we have been sitting outside in the heat with our glass of red and I have been enjoying rereading her articles from the above book - flicking through. Many things have not changed I must say.

Pleased to see many of you are dragging out your old embroidery books - they are all a gold mine. I have pulled out 2 more - this one below and The New Machine Embroidery - both by Joy Clucas - can anyone tell me what has happened to her? Is she still alive? Some of her ideas are superb - I am making notes all over the place.

Leanne asked about the Elizabethan wardrobe book. It's a very expensive book, Leanne, and I would hesitate to tell anyone to actually buy it. It cost me $175 but for me it is a fantastic resource. Loads of info and pics of garments and close ups. It's probably in the libraries so worth looking first.

Yesterday afternoon I took myself off to my local Embroiderers' Guild group - must say I enjoyed myself and the 2 hours of stitching I got done. Shall go again. While flicking through my Marrakech notebook I came across a hastily drawn sketch of an old window shutter which was hanging outside our room at the Riad. I had taken a photo but it was too dark to be any good but this gave me the exact idea I needed for my book cover. Keep watching this space.

Last little gem - Sarah Lawrence has a book coming out - Wild Women - it won't be here until the end of the month but I want to pre-empt our Wild Women Swap we are going to have for August at our Craft Quilt and Stitch show in Perth. There will be a notice on our website before too long but I am looking at a swap like we did with the ATCs - this is a fantastic opportunity to break out! More info coming.

Now, with all the talk of food and recipes, we are sneaking off to Cafe Asia just down the road for a casual and very good meal. The fish is superb.


Elizabeth said...

Hope you enjoy the fish!
We are cooking turkey brochettes on the roof terrace where the jasmine is blooming very prettily.
Greetings from Marrakesh.

Penny said...

Heavens Dale, my first cook books were Elizabeth David's and some were inherited from my father who began cooking from her books, Always the best, others like Carrier came later but too much embellishment in his recipes for me, Elizabeth Davids are so easy to follow, my favorites, Mediterranean food and her Italian one, much thumbed still and lots of food splodges, in the early days, how to cook the fish we got from diving, well snorkelling really, used to feed the family from her fish recipes.
Love the wild women have made lots interesting to see she has a book coming out.

Doreen G said...

I have just looked at your visitors counter thingy and you have had 99996 visitors from 99 countries at this point--how's that for a bit of useless information


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