Monday, February 25, 2008

home again, home again

Here we are back home again. Melbourne was great - we always like going there. The weather was cool and even some rain - we stay near Flinders Station and enjoy the walk in the morning and evening. I took my camera but of course forgot to use it. I should have had my wits about me to take a photo on day 1 of the show then you could see how congested it was and how busy we were. Lovely to catch up with so many people - we never have enough space and people were very good about having to climb over things and wait patiently. Luckily we had someone to help each day - thanks Jacinta and Rae! My talk seemed to go well apart from the fact the 30 mins was only 20 due to the rudeness of the person following. I hate it when people feel they are so important that they have to make a scene - in those sorts of situations we should be working together - everyone is under pressure - the conditions are lousy and we can all only do our best. Thank goodness our customers are all nice people.

Anyway the venue has become too small and next year the event is moving to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Melbourne has a lot of wonderful old buildings - Perth seems to have managed to knock most of its down in its wisdom.

We enjoyed our evenings - out with Rae and Frank, out with the cousins, out up the laneway. We watched the rugby - of course - and the Hurricanes did win but still a bit wobbly. However my loyalties remain.

I try to take what I think will be right for the shows we do but of course you always run out. That palette and a half shrank down to half a palette for return and our cases (all 6) were half the weight. So back home flat out counting and re-ordering and filling all the orders which came while we were away. This is why going to shows is something we are doing less and less of.

I did mange to work on my Marrakech book while we were away and I should have the cover ready tomorrow so I will post it then.

Came home to lots of orders, lots of parcels including a shipment of more flower stitch feet (just as well), a shipment of Cloth Paper Scissors No 17 (they will be going out tomorrow) , a box of Wild Women books from Sarah Lawrence - really gorgeous - I will have to get cracking on my Wild Women. I also got some new little charms to use on them as well. Hoping to get to the studio tomorrow. After such a disgraceful meal being offered to us on the flight home, I think Gogos is in order tonight and anyway it is very hot out there. Qantas ran out of whatever their first choice was and presented us with something they called potato gnocchi with broad beans. It looked disgusting and one tiny mouthful confirmed it. I don't know why they ever pretend to bother offering meals.

Grant was sailing in the 18ft champs on Sydney harbour and sadly we weren't there - I have finally got a photograph - they came 4th in race 5 or 6 - and were first off the start. Good on them.

Off to count some more stuff. Oh and Ian says thanks for all the birthday greetings and it's nice to know he doesn't look any older than when he was 7 weeks.

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi Dale Welcome back! Just wanted to let you know that although I only occasionally comment I love your blog (and your art!) and I have awarded you the "you Make my Day Award". Have a great week (I will know that I know CPS is on the way!)


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