Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday stuff

This new computer is so fast that even though I got up half an hour later (tut tut) I got online, checked the mail and read the newspaper in 10 minutes - instead of well over half and hour. I will be able to make good use of all of that extra time.... The only problem is that a lot of Word files have to rewritten so you never win. I am also trying to sort out the Outlook address book. I have lots of groups - and I will have to remake them. All that extra time is vanishing quickly.

Joan - only Bruce got the Mac but he is having problems with it and not much help at all from the people he bought it from. We are not giving this one back though. One of the reasons he wanted a Mac is because it is much better for Japanese and apparently the web cam is very good.

Ali - I couldn't email you 'cos I can't find your email but I didn't ever receive anything.

Mandy Ginsberg sent me pics of the work she did at Horsham forum with Ruth Issett. All worked in white and with procion dyes over. Isn't it great work? I thought you would like me to share it with everyone.

The two bottom pieces are details.
I am still getting so many emails from people about my new smiley photo. I hadn't realised how concerned you all were. When I check out my blog I still get a fright.


Penny said...

I think your smiley face is gorgeous, much more you.
I loved what they did in the Ruth Issett workshop and would have loved to have done that one too but then I loved making my boxes too.
Gave myself a fright when I thought the inchies had to be in my the 8th but now i see it is the 28th thank goodness.

Helen said...

The new photo is very stylie!

Doreen G said...

You know Dale you're a real doll when you smile.

Digitalgran said...

Thanks for sharing Mandy's lovely work. RI's colours are similar to your own and I just love them.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Dale,
Well that's a b...... I sent your serviettes and some other stuff; including an ATC for you, just a few days after I showed the pohutukawa serviettes. They have either gone astry or been knicked along the way.( maybe the package got opened at Customs and they liked them? ) Haven't had that happen before. I will get some more and resend and let you know when I have sent them. Ah such is life! Alison.


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