Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday stuff

I thought that our copy of the book would be here today but not so - never mind - we are now taking preorders (see my embellishment blog for details) and many thanks to all those of you who have placed your order. They will go out the minute they arrive which will be next week sometime.

I went out looking for something today - a new kettle to give myself for mother's day to save anyone else worrying - our other one is a bit rusty and I shall use it wisely for my rusting. In the shop I found some Marrakech paper napkins and as we are going to Marrakech for our week after Ally Pally, how could I resist them?

This is one of the two dear little stools I have bought for the corner of the studio - the other one has green flowers and will be here next week. It is leather and will be a good place for contemplation.

Tonight I am taking Ian to Star Anise - my shout but I might have to borrow some money from him. I don't want it all to go to his head. He is back to the real world now and has loaded some decent specials for the month and new products will start appearing again before too long. There is quite a pile up.

Tomorrow I will be back to working in the studio. I thought it would be lazy times once the book was finished but in fact I have a pile of stuff to do.

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