Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Many thanks Debbi Baker for this wonderful postcard which I have given pride of place in my studio this weekend. And I only sent her a paper napkin... It is lovely.

I haven't posted for a few days - have been very busy preparing for the show next week and organising the many preorders we have received for the book. I hope it is worth it when you recieve your copy.

I am busy creating a few things for the display and sorting my embellisher samples to put on the walls at the show. They have offered us a larger stand (same price) which means we can take more stuff. Ian has hired a van as I am taking the tables from in the studio and the stands etc. After roaming to a few shops I finally found the plastic boxes for the books at Bunnings late on Thursday after we had been out for a meal with Val and Jim. Bunnings was looking pretty empty of people - poor staff having to hang around filling in time.

I went to a digitising seminar on Friday which was very good for me - I tend to keep going back and doing the things I know without extending myself. I am hoping this course will keep me on track. I have been playign with words - again - that's what I like doing.....

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Penny said...

Sound busy Dale, I did pre order didnt I? Too much going on but now we are at Coffin Bay eating fresh fish and oysters and drinking good mcLaren Vale wine, the other that are with us are wine makers.


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