Monday, May 14, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday 19

Here is my offering for TAST - Basque Stitch - I couldn't think where I would use it but stitching away pleasantly I have decided it is quite a good stitch.

I didn't post over the weekend - seemed to potter along achieving very little. I am rusting up the pages of my Rust book - mostly with Moonshadow Mist and walnut ink. It will be a bit of a shame to start working in it...

Bruce and Kazuko took me (us) to breakfast yesterday morning for mother's day - at Lincoln's - our new cafe - very nice too.

The 2 rubgy semi-finals were pretty dismal for the 2 kiwi teams - don't think we will be inspired enough to watch the finals. Roll on something else.

We managed to 'borrow'the book back again - Chris brought it round and watched while Ian scanned it so he could snatch it away again. The plates are made so the printing part is on its way. Very exciting. I have put a picture of the cover on my embellishment blog. Very subtle cover - not like the inside.

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Jenny Bear said...

I love the cover.





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