Sunday, May 06, 2007

The End of an Era

It's official - Tana Umaga has finally pulled the pin - what a wonderful rugby player and so great for the game. I shall miss him even if he was going a little slower and only managing half a game. It has been a whirly turly rugby weekend with both semi finals now in South Africa - what a shocker. Grant is over for the weekend so we all got together at Bruce and Kazuko's to watch the last few games. Bruce is going to miss our coming around to watch Fox with our wine and camembert etc. Maybe we will now be able to go to the concert we were thinking about for next Friday.

Bombshells was a good night out - it was originally written for Carolyn O'Connor and she would have been magnificent. We saw her in Chicago and were blown away. It took 3 people to play the 6 cameos she did on her own. They were pretty good though.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I will miss Tana too. And of course, as I am a JAFA (Just Another Fabulous Aucklander), I am most upset that both semis will be in South Africa. And I will miss your round-ups of the Super 14 matches too!!
(ps, don't klet anyone tell you that the F in JAFA does not stand for Fabulous LOL)


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