Thursday, May 03, 2007

blogging and stuff

I think blogger must be having a few problems as I haven't been able to find either blog on the dashboard - just the offer to create a blog. I have finally got through. I find it frustrating as you can never email anyone for help and the group is not always very good. I do understand that it would take a month of Sundays to reply though and it is free so no more complaints.

No time for pics today. Ian is very pleased with the book and hopes to get it to the printers tomorrow but he discovered a blank page he wanted something for so I had to drop everything and get creating. It might be a wigwam for a goose's bridle but you will have to wait and see. I played a bit of solitaire while I thought about what I might do. Instant creation takes a wee bit of thought. Anyway it is all looking very good, if I may say so myself.

Tonight we are off to a play - Bombshells - tried to go to it in Sydney when it was on and I can't remember why we couldn't - might have been booked out.


Doreen G said...

"A wigwam for a gooses bridle"
I haven't heard that saying for a long time Dale.
Brings back memories.

Dale Anne Potter said...

I find it funny that you also use solataire as your thinking mode......I do also and sometimes I use Freecell also.
All kinds of solutions come forth then!
Look forward to seeing what your book will look like!!!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence Dale - my husband remembered that saying yesterday and of course I knew he would use it when we visited our grandchildren last night. Sure enough he got his chance when our eldest grandaughter showed us the beautiful lampshade she had decorated at College. Of course he said - "I know what that is - a wigwam for a goose's bridle." I read your entry only just now and will print it out to show him.
I am looking forward to your book and it helps the wait when you mention it.
Kay in Tas.

Anonymous said...


Hi! The "wigwam" saying was a favourite of my Mum's and I had quite forgotten it everything she didn't have an answer for or didn't want us to know about.

Looking forward to your book very much.

Judy, Tas.

Doreen G said...

Dale I noticed the other ladies mentioned "the wig wam thing" maybe it was a Tasmanian saying because I am from Tassy originally and it was a common saying when describing an unknown object etc.
as I said before "brings back memories"


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