Monday, May 28, 2007

the day after

a show means lots of stuff stacked everywhere. Thank goodness for Jaslyn helping us - you are a gem, mate. Bruce and Kazuko helped us pack up and that certainly eased the pain of carting stuff. We were out in just over an hour. Locked the van up the right of way and all went out to dinner at Spaghi's in South Perth. Because our fence is being rebuilt, the pickets are down so we were able to empty the van through the fence. We have this great new system for the books all neatly displayed in plastic tubs so I rushed off to Bunnings to buy some more and boy - is it tidy. Lots to put away properly though but when any one comes around they are sure to be impressed. Now comes all the sorting and counting and reordering. Then packaging and packing for Darling Harbour.

Ali sent me a parcel which I got today (the second one as the first one is somewhere out there in postal land) - a wonderful packet of pohutakawa napkins. Thanks so much - I have plans for them. The pohutakawa is the NZ christmas tree - it usually blooms around christmas time and always looks wonderful - makes us homesick to see them.
Tomorrow I shall start thinking about the 3 TAST I am behind with and get going. But also back to the garland which I thought a lot about over the period of the show and talked a lot about and actually started on.

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