Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Off to Broome

Everything is away(well sort of), the orders are up to date and the weather wet and cold in Perth (lovely really) so we are off to Broome for a few days of reading, swimming, stitching, knitting, etc etc. Well Ian will be doing the first 2 only....
Here is the swimming pool where we are staying - and we will swim here because I read in the paper this morning that Cable Beach was closed yesterday because a shark was seen. We will just go there to walk on the beach and watch the fabulous sunsets. Not to mention watching the rugby at the Divers Tavern on Saturday. Aust plays Wales and the ABs play France.

This is the entry to one of the villas - where we went last year. And I am going to have a foot massage as well. In readiness for standing for 5 days at Darling Harbour show at the end of June. When we get back we will be packaging and packing like crazy for that. Plus I have a lot of my art to wear to finish

A tiny picture but this is the outdoor shower- a mandi they call it. The temperature today - around 20 min to 30 max. We do our own cooking as there is an outside bbq and a place to sit, read and relax.
Back on Sunday.

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