Friday, May 11, 2007

Never Too Old

I have loads of fabulous playgirls enrolled in my Playways course. Paula Nollen from The Netherlands, who is 81, has just finished - you can see one of her gorgeous pieces in our Playways Gallery on our website, Now she is making boxes she tells me so I thought I would share it. Isn't it fun? It seems to me that textiley people haven't time to be bored - never....
Our man from the printing people turned up today with our copy of the book and all the glossy large pages ready to roll through the printing machines once we signed on the dotted lines. Can you believe that Ian gave back our copy and it seems to have gone home with our man! So it will be Monday before Ian can load the cover and info onto the website. I can't even put it under my pillow or cart it around with me over the weekend to show anyone silly enough to ask what I might be carrying under my arm. That means I really will have to get to work on all of my other pressing activities.
Penny - just saw your message come in - Generations is a digitizing programme. I want to scan in my drawings and work them in bits and pieces and especially for my rust series. Keep watching this space....
Plus don't forget to keep your fingers crossed for the first of teh rugby semi finals - Auckland vs a SA team.....tonight
Oh - and the garland is forming in my mind in greens and purples - royal shiraz with gold. Start working on it soon as the deadline will come faster than you can imagine.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Love Paula's piece! And I had doubts that at 67 it was a bit late to start getting into art quilts and visual journals thanks to Paula I am encouraged to keep going.

Looking forward so much to the book, it must be a bit like giving birth.

The colours for the Garland sound supper hope it goes well for you when you begin.


Barb said...

Oh, I *love* this piece. I'm 51 and I'm just starting to feel like I am who I am, and I get the same bursts of happiness just because... What a wonderful thing.


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