Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday folly

it's not that the show is exhausting - actually the crowds have been small but then we haven't done a small show for some time. But we have had a very busy week - with the book arriving late on setup day (we have in fact finally sent out all the orders for it) and all the usual orders still flowing in. I have omitted to tell you that the latest Quilting Arts arrived in the midst of everything and we have started to send them out - they will all be in the post on Monday. This is Murphy's Law isn't it - things happen in big waves. Famine or Feast. I have been vegetating in front of the tv watching Murphy's Law but as it is up to episode 5 or 6 I am not certain what is actually happening. My TAST is well behind but I have made a cover for my Surface Tension book to hold my samples in. The promised rain has not and the hydrangeas have been sulking. Wanted to scan a piece of work but Ian has turned his computer off and the scanner links to that. It has been lovely to see so many people at the show but as usual I have many ideas whirling in my head and would like to try them.... Summary is that we are puddling along.

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Anonymous said...


Can't wait for Quilting Arts to arrive. Surface Tension arrived and I love it.

I have been waiting all the episodes of Murphy's Law and i still don't know what's really going on.



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