Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday stuff

This is my black agapantha - really a deep purple - but this is the first flower and it is taking forever to blossom out. We have had lots of glorious rain today - sunny and blue skies and all of a sudden the heavens open and down she comes. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Book progress (lots of you keep emailing and thanks for the support - and push...) - we are up to the page numbering and cover choosing. It is a bit like giving birth to a pile of babies in a long drawn out manner rather than a quick push - not that I had those.

Other major excitement is that we have a new computer - Bruce got a Mac and we got a more modern and much cleaner black keyboard as well. New computer is faster by far - I was turning on the computer and going off down the road to get the newspapers and then coming back and hoping something had happened. Now it is all zip zap. Only thing is Mozilla went with my huge pile of favourites so I will have to slowly refind them.

This is another shiva rubbing on white polycotton sprayed with Colourwash in terracotta and made into a little pillow of no consequence. Stitched with metallic thread on the machine this time. At last back to some machine stitching she cries. I am going to make about 8-10 for this article I am writing.

Many men working outside doing the preparatory work for the underground power. It will be wonderful when it finally arrives - all that visual pollution gone. Our electricity bill was down this round - means that we are doing our little bit for the planet or that we didn't have the air con on as often this summer. I have very powerful lights in the studio and need to have a big notice reminding me to turn them off when I leave.


joanlil said...

WHAT!! You got a Mac? Or is it only Bruce who has seen the light?

Ali Honey said...

Glad you got a little rain. I was sorry to miss the Chiefs' win at the weekend but glad I also missed the agony of our Magic team's netball loss. I must add the odd unexpected outcome gets them on their toes. I like the new photo!!
Enjoy the new fast computer!
( ps. did you ever recieve that stuff I sent over?)

Lisa Walton said...

Well done on coming over to the dark side and getting a Mac. We have just bought our second one - we are definitely converted.


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