Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rain, glorious rain

I put the washing out on the line and got the rain going. Wonderful - must try it more often.
I was going to photograph the first flower on my black Agapantha this morning but all too lateas the rain dropped down in bucket loads. It is going to be a glorious colour though and I have three plants all in a row. Even though it is autumn, the basil is still growing prolifically and tastes yummy.

We are very busy and in every spare moment Ian is doing the final layout of the book. We are pleased with the way it is falling together - I should say pulling together as things fall apart but you get the drift. However everything takes so much longer than you think it should but we are getting there.

We have so many new products waiting patiently in a growning pile to go on the web - all of a sudden they will appear and then you will know the book has gone to the printers. Rae and Jacinta have sent me wonderful fabrics and new yarns in the Opulent range. Muslin, silk organza and velvet today and banana yarn and 2 different textured silk yarns.

The latest CPS - issue 12 - arrived about 4.30pm just in case we were looking like we had finished the posting. We did get quite a few out in the mail which those lucky people will receive on Thursday but the rest will go on Thursday. It's another excellent issue - there is an article by Jacinta Leishman with her fabulous embossing on velvet and lots of other good reading. Even an ad for my book - now that IS pressure.

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Penny said...

So glad you have had rain, we are patiently waiting.I feel much better and have gone to look at what i could use for the inchies. Luckily I have a small piece of left over "stuff" from my Module that will i hope do for a post card. I hope I am going to do this correctly but i am to attach the inchies to the postcard and then send it to you. Not sure by when must have another look.
I am waiting but not impatiently, for my module to go up. I just hope you approved of it thats whats killing me!


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