Tuesday, June 26, 2007

reporting in from Sydney

One thing about coming over on Sunday and giving oursleves 2 days to set up means we are more relaxed and will be ready with plenty of time to spare. It is going to make the world of difference to our very existance. I even managed to go shopping yesterday. Leisurely breakfast this morning at a little place we found where the coffee is almost as good as Ian's and the service wonderful.

Excellent news that Team NZ won the 2nd race of America's Cup so fingers crossed for tonight. Ian was asleep during the second race when we presumed they had lost and I was dozing off when I heard the commentator say something about Alinghi being behind. Woke up in a flash.

Also can report that I have completed 2 of my TAST stitches so only 2 behind now. Be up to date by the end of the week and I have also been furiously writing lots of ideas for future work. This happens whenever I go away - the creative side of my brain has time to work.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Only 6 more races to go. Hope they win.
Wish I was in Sydney, could do with some more of those lovely vivani (whatever thsy are called!)or threads


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