Friday, June 22, 2007

It Ain't Over

until the fat lady has finished singing. Watch this space in the morning. I have just had a brilliant idea for the skirt of my garment so I just need to execute it.

Too many of you have too much faith in me - but the garland was completed and collected by the UPS man who came a little earlier than 3pm. This is a hint of it but if they don't like it you might never see any more. Once I have finished my skirt, I will be able to finish the packaging and packing of suitcases. Tomorrow is a very big night - the America's Cup final starts and it is actually on Fox Sports - and the All Blacks play their first game in the Tri Nations. The really big game is next Saturday though - ABs vs Wallabies. We will be out of that show like lightening to go watch.

And we are having the most glorious rain here today. The brick fence between us and next door has been plastered and the fence at the front of our house is for next week. Very exciting - we have been waiting for a couple of years for this. The postie will be thrilled as he has been complaining about the size of our letterbox for a long time. He just throws the mail over the fence instead.


Susan D said...

Hope there hasn't been anything in your post that is breakable.

Unknown said...

Hi Congrats on getting the garland out of the way :)

My parcel is still in transit after 8 days!!!! So I aggree on the definition of UPS :) Helen


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