Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday musings

At least I am now up to date with all the orders so can start the weekend with a clear conscience. I thought I would share the Virgin's sister with you today - every Virgin bride would be sure to have a sister - the one who is out for a good time. This litle number was worked on Romeo cold water soluble and the overlay is knotted wire - all done one year whilst watching a rubgy match at the pub - the days before Bruce and Kazuko got Fox - we can now exist on the before and after days. She spent some time with Opus touring around with their displays before she came home. They didn't want the Virgin Bride to accompany her.
The play we went to last night - The Goat - was certainly rather whacko - not sure about the dead goat at the end - could smell a bit by the end of the series. Anyway it is good to go to a few plays - we used to go regularly and then got lazy or something.
It is my sister's birthday today - Happy Birthday Bev - and no - neither of us are like either of my art to wears. I just have a good imagination.... Speaking of which I have to work on this year's pretty darn smart.....
Even though I keep creating paragraph breaks, blogger is quite determined that I can't have any tonight....

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