Thursday, June 07, 2007


Actually nothing much creative happening here. I am almost up to date with the orders although last night I finished with 4 left to do and tonight I have 6 - how can this be? Tomorrow I will be really up to date and I really will get into the studio to get to work. These creative thoughts don't go away and I want to try a few new ideas with the embellisher. Wendy has loaned me an Xpression for as long as I like so I am back to having 2 embellishers again! I had put my Bernina 1230 up on the table for rapid free machine work. Nothing like having customised machinery.

Because I haven't 'created' anything I thought I would show my Virgin Bride dress which I made a few years back - which is modelled by Kazuko. It is natural silk fibres made into silk paper (fusion) onto bridal tuile (nothing less). Onto each each large piece I stitched Shakespearean sonnets and bridal words of wisdom such as I won't do all the housework or clean the toilet etc etc. Then I cut it into strips and wrapped a variety of yarns, beads and fine knitting wire around each roll and stitched it all very tenderley together. If you look at the back of the photo you will see the barbecue in our garden before we demolished it for the studio. Underneath is her bag because every bride needs one for her hanky (yes I made one for her)

Off to a play tonight to see The Goat.

Wasn't it absolutely wonderful that Team NZ won the challenge for the Americas Cup not that there was anything on the news here about it. Where is the Anzac spirit I ask?


MG Quilts said...

Team NZ's win was covered on the ABC in Sydney. Even interviewed someone but I can't tell you who it was.

Do I need to dust off my red socks again?

Anonymous said...


I love the Virgin Bride dress you have done a beautiful job on it.

Glad your NZ team won.


Maureen said...

Dale I love the Virgin bride!Be a bit cool in winter though.
And yes.....ANZAC is alive on SBS...get off the commercial channels girl!!


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