Friday, June 15, 2007

Sailing on Lake Garda

Grant, the lucky soul, is sailing on Lake Garda in the 18ft Skiff regatta. It is a wonderful place - we went to watch one year and wouldn't it be nice to go again. Here they are screaming along on De Longhi.

Lots of them sailing upwind - De Longhi is second from the left.

A start but don't you love the back drop..

Grant in blue this year - they must all have new wet suits.
All we have been doing today is packing boxes, loading the van and unpacking at the carriers. Now we are about to sit outside with a glass of wine to recover. A new excitement - apart from the bookcases, there is now NO stock in our bedroom - it is having a giant make over. We will be able to luxuriate in the space.
Tomorrow I am afraid it is all art to wear clothing and a garland.
Sorry, Shirley, sometimes I talk to myself. We have a show in Sydney the last week in June at Darling Harbour, and I have been packaging and packing boxes for seemingly ages. Yesterday we were flat out packing all the boxes and filling a van and taking it to the carriers who train it over to Sydney. I went to help Ian unload the van - he packed it all onto palettes and then shrink wrapped it. What I didn't add was that we finally got to have our morning showers at 3.30pm so we felt justified in sitting out on our verandah watching the world go by, drinking a wine. We go to Sydney next Sunday with our gaggle of chocka blocka suitcases, and I still have an awful lot to do.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Have I missed what the packing and unpacking is about? Great yacht pix, Dale...and love those stripey socks further down!

Leanne Hurren said...

Ooh Lake Garda is my favourite holiday place! -Lucky thing


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