Tuesday, June 19, 2007

slowly slowly never does much at all

Kath Danswan's book - Beautiful Bowls and Colourful Creatures turned up today - they made a sea voyage from the UK but half of them have arrived safely - I guess the other half will follow soon. It's a very nice book indeed.

My scanning hasn't improved but that's probably because I haven't been practising. However, the latest CPS - Issue 13 - arrived this afternoon and to be quite honest I need them like a hole in the head but I also knew it was coming and better for all of our customers that it came now and not while we are in Sydney. We will send them out tomorrow. I haven't even had time to open it up - only to scan the cover.

Garland very slow progress - bolero has a back and half a front - skirt has nothing. Keep trying Dale.

Thr3fold Journal - I have only read through the journal and not had a chance to view the CD - well not possible in bed at light's out. The journal part is beautifully written and is like a book - very thorough and well planned and thought out. I still think it is very expensive but probably worth a treat. You cannot view it as a magazine or you would never buy it. They have a great approach. There are plenty of how tos and the like around and it is nice to see something quite different on the market.

Back to work......

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picklesticks said...

Love the books and mag. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now just lurking, and wanted to let you know how fun it is to visit and see and read what you are up to. Thanks!


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