Sunday, June 10, 2007

new skills

Just to show off my new scanning skills (why has it taken me so long to play - mainly because I haven't had access), I thought I would scan one of my favourite recipe books. I love cooking (and we love eating) Indian food from way back when Ian had a Fijian Indian flatmate who introduced us to real Indian cooking after years of cold roast leftover lamb from Sunday lunch and Keen's curry powder with a few raisins. I got this book in 1994 - she has also written a fabulous one on Tuscan cooking which I picked up in Tuscany in 1992 - one of the earlier books to have a real journal flavour to it. We used the Tuscan one as a bit of a tour guide and even took it with us when we went back to Tuscany. I love recipe books but they are so much more than that and sometimes I don't actually cook much from them - just read them. I have a fabulous Moroccan one in preparation for our trip to Marrakesh in October. The biggest worry for Ian at the moment is whether or not we will be able to watch the world rugby cup final as it is the very weekend we are in Marrakesh. Maybe one of the flash hotels has Fox or Sky or whatever.

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